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Original luminous "living light" oil painting

by John Plumer Ludlum  

"On The Klong"

(canvas size: 20" x 24")


John Plumer Ludlum


Light and form is expressed in his beautiful paintings.   Developing his own formula he pioneered fluorescent in fine art.  Using this method, Ludlum is able to paint in natural balance, from a brilliant sunset, subtly bright clouds, and graduating, lesser degrees of light, down to the darkest shades.  When his paintings are viewed under varying degrees of black light, they appear to change color as if viewed in all aspects of daylight, from sunrise to sunset.

Artist John Plumer Ludlum,  a world renown artist with

recorded sales from $1,000.00 to $2.5 Million.

Ludlum's works are displayed in many important galleries.