Richard & Laura Wyant

Wyant's Winter Springs  ~  Est. 1968

Cheshire (near Eugene), Oregon  USA

A few of our Favorite Trail Riding Photos

Mountain Trail Walkers

**Walking gaited -not- Speed gaited**

from 13-15 Hands,  

who are Born with Brains,

Mellow, Energy Conserving,

the old time Western style,

who are expected to be born

and continue to mature to be

safe & sane wilderness trail horses

AND are stout enough to pack an adult

**Determining if a horse/pony fits into my goals**

A Good Test is FOSH's

page 8

OGB115 - Weanling & Yearling In Hand Trail

OGB116  - 2-3yr old Ground Driving Trail

An example of wilderness type trails:

**Walking gaited -not- Speed gaited**

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phone: 541-998-2803 (PacificCoastTime)
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